Partnering with Empire Financial will increase your sales

Our customized leasing programs give you more control over the sales process

If you are an equipment vendor or manufacturer, Empire Financial can help you increase your sales by providing flexible, competitive, easy-to-understand financing options to your customers.

There are many reasons to make Empire your leasing partner:

  • Approvals within 24 hours
  • We handle all of the paperwork, so that your sales force can concentrate on selling
  • We pay our vendors promptly
  • We get leases approved that banks and other leasing companies decline
  • Our staff is professional and courteous.  We treat your customers as if they were our customers, because they are.
  • We provide training and support to your sales staff to increase sales volume
  • Leasing reduces ‘Sticker Shock’ by offering an attractive monthly payment as an alternative to a 5- or 6-figure cash outlay
  • No need to worry about slow paying accounts.  It’s as if all of your customers pay cash
  • Leasing eliminates the need to offer quick-pay discounts that reduce your profits
  • No risk to you.  Empire never asks you to sign a recourse agreement, so you have no financial responsibility
  • We offer very aggressive rates for your stronger customers, as well as sensibly structured financing for credit-challenged companies

How It Works

  1. Your customer completes the one-page Express Lease Application (submitted on-line, by email or fax)
  2. Credit decision is made by Empire within 24 hours
  3. Lease document is prepared by Empire and e-mailed to your customer
  4. Empire issues a P.O. to you on the customer’s behalf
  5. Upon Empire’s receipt of signed lease and customer’s acceptance of equipment, invoice amount is wired to you or sent overnight within 48 hours.

It’s that simple.

Contact us to find out how we can help you provide a total financing solution to your customers